Why We need Holy Lemons?

At Holy Lemons, we believe there is a better way to improve overall health and wellness without dieting. A more natural, less restrictive way where you are free to eat what you want, without needing to starve or limit your food intake. Traditional detox diets and cleanse programmes often require you to do just that. However, by limiting your food intake, you are preventing your body from receiving the necessary nutrients it needs to carry out its natural process.


Holy Lemons


Holy Lemons beverages are different. Carefully formulated for health-conscious individuals, you can have Holy Lemons anytime you want. That’s right – no more skipping meals or going on torturous fasting sessions. Enriched with the finest natural ingredients, our beverages work simply and effectively while targeting specific issues you might face. Whether it’s detoxification, improving your complexion, or maintaining the body’s pH balance, Holy Lemons is here to help you look and feel your best.
We are passionate about what goes into our beverages. That’s why we only use natural ingredients like lemons, matcha, activated charcoal, and dandelion leaves in our drinks. We combine these amazing ingredients to offer a healthy, delicious new way to cleanse the body at an affordable price.
Made right here in Singapore, Holy Lemons will always be there for you. Think of us as the guardian angel of your health and well-being.
All Holy Lemons beverages are made with 100% pure cold-pressed lemon juice and filtered water. They are preservative-free and contain no added sugar.